Hardstyle For Babylon [BAB]

By | January 12, 2023

Hardstyle For Babylon

Hardstyle For Babylon [BAB]

Hardstyle for Babylon gives you a Psy/Hardstyle Expansion pack of over 100 presets for Babylon. Hardstyle Preset Pack from W. A. Production gives you the gritty, nasty, dirty and untamed sounds of hardstyle. Inspired by such artists as Coone, Sub Zero Project, Blasterjaxx, and Headhunterz, you soon will be able to create tracks with those signature hardstyle sounds.

Babylon is our one-page wonder software plugin synth. Featuring multiple oscillators, FM, RM & AM modulation, 5 poly effects: drive, distortion, saturation, crush and LoFi and 12 different curve types for ADSR and filter programming.

Hardstyle for Babylon is loaded with plucks, arps, the infamous hardstyle kick in multiple variations, synth stabs, chords, bass for psy, bass for dub, metalized synth leads, old school dark techno leads, deep bass, sub-bass, glitched bass, arp bass smooth bass and Reese bass. Instrumentation such as keys, organs, cymbals, and strings. Aggressive leads, light leads, magical and dreamy pads all the way to suspenseful and mysterious pads.

Use these sounds as they are or use them as a starting point. With all of the sounds shaping features of Babylon you can easily adjust almost every single parameter and carve out your own custom presets that can be saved as new.

Pack details:

  •  120 Babylon Presets

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Demo Preview:

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