Hello Samples Flavours #1: Golden Hip Hop

By | October 26, 2020

Hello Samples Flavours #1: Golden Hip Hop

Hello Samples Flavours #1: Golden Hip Hop

Golden Hip-Hop is an extensive collection of patiently cooked sample cuts, loops and MIDI beats inspired by the late 90’s Hip Hop scene.
(Slum Village, J.Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, DeLaSoul…).

If you are a crate digger always looking for that special scent that emanates from all records of the late golden era, don’t look no further.

Inside you will find bold kicks, crispy snares and dazzling hats sampled at 12 bits through the classic MPC60, then layered down with warm analog drum machines and resampled again into our computers using top converters to finally create a set of loose drunken beats.

As a side dish, we have deep bass tones (acoustic and synthesized) playing groovy lines and finally one of our special courses: silken velvet chords from our electric piano and synths seasoned with our characteristic “needle on wax” crunchy sound.

A total of 600+ different samples and more than 300 WAV loops make a delicious and complete meal for your sampler.

But it doesn’t end here, it also includes 21 production recipes in form of construction kits / MIDI beats ready for Ableton and Maschine, to which you can learn and understand how the late golden era master chefs cooked their own songs.

Without further ado, get your stomachs and samplers ready to make the finest beats!


Demo Preview:

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