How Sidechain Compression Works in Ableton Live 11 TUTORAL

By | February 22, 2022

How Sidechain Compression Works in Ableton Live 11 TUTORAL

How Sidechain Compression Works in Ableton Live 11 TUTORIAL

Welcome to my Ableton Live 11 Masterclass completely about how Sidechain Compression works.

You’ll learn every possible technique to achieve that pulsating effect present in almost all Dance/Electronic productions.

Your Teacher:
I’m graduated in Electronic Music and New Technologies in a prestigious Conservatory, through the years I’ve worked with Billboard’s featured artist, and gaining official support from big names in the dance music scene, like Martin Garrix and Sam Feldt.

This class is available to anyone who is a little familiar with the program, to beginner to high end users.

Why learn Sidechain Compression is useful?:
Nowadays, the sidechain compression technique is not only present in electronic music, but also in many modern pop productions, so mastering this technique becomes fundamental to compete with other commercial music standard.

I will not show you only the traditional way to sidechain, but also many other modern techniques to achieve the same effect with a more creative view.

11 Lessons (24m)

  • 1. Welcome to the Masterclass
  • 2. What is Sidechain ?
  • 3. Sidechain Compression Part 1
  • 4. Sidechain Compression Part 2
  • 5. Sidechain with the Gain
  • 6. Alternative Sidechain Technique
  • 7. Creative Sidechain with Effects
  • 8. Sidechain to make Space in the Mix
  • 9. Dynamic EQ and third party plugins
  • 10. Class Project
  • 11. Thank You for Watching!


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