How to Build a Home Music Studio TUTORIAL

By | March 3, 2022

How to Build a Home Music Studio TUTORIAL

How to Build a Home Music Studio TUTORIAL

This class will present you with the simple basic building points to connect the right elements to easily build a beginner’s home music studio. We’ll look at all the pieces of hardware you require, and discuss several ways you can affordably navigate your way to success.

It’s the dream of most musicians to one day build their own home studio. But taking the first step can be overwhelming and challenging. This class looks at space design, DAWs, interfaces, inputs and outputs. It is designed for those who are interested in getting their feet wet.

Project Description
Here’s where we get to share ideas on what’s worked for us and where it’s gone wrong. There’s no single correct way to go about setting a studio up. In this exercise, we’d like to see how you’ve set your space up. What elements you’re most proud of and where you’ve found challenges.

If you haven’t taken the first step, and are still envisioning your space, feel free to share media, thoughts or drawings.


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