Ja Beats Dembow Dominicano Vol.4 [WAV MIDI VST]

By | January 23, 2023

Ja Beats Dembow Dominicano Vol.4 [WAV MIDI VST]

Ja Beats Dembow Dominicano Vol.4 [WAV MIDI VST]

It is our most recent production of sounds distributed in Loops and Samples of Dembow Dominicano Puro. In said Library you will find all the legitimate sounds to produce Dominican Dembow Beats of the best quality and on a par with the demands and trends of the current market.

In this new version we wanted to focus on designing sounds of the typical dembow that sounds on the streets of Santo Domingo called Dembow Seco, as well as combinations of other rhythms and styles used by various producers who make that style and also more commercial styles.

The producer who has stood out the most in Dembow Seco is the one named Leo RD, who is the head producer of Rochy RD, one of the most successful Dominican urban artists, for which you will find Loops and Samples based on that musical style, as well as a style of producers such as: Nico, B One, Breyco, Lirico, Dj Patio, among others.

Each Loop was rendered to match whatever Tempo (BPM) you’re working on, whether it’s in Fl Studio, Ableton, Studio One, Cubase, Pro Tools, or whatever other music editing and production software you’re using.

This pack is ideal both for producing at home, professional studio and live performances, proving in this way that it is also ideal for event animation DJs, due to the number of effects and tools such as plugins that will allow you to play at an event. Live.


  • Many more Loops and more Samples in this edition than in the previous one.
  • Loops adaptable to any Tempo (BPM)
  • Compatible with any DAW, say FL Studio, Reason, Studio One, Cubase, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, DP, among others.
  • ┬áBonus Sample Pack totally free.
  • Two Dembow Drums Vst totally free (includes our new Vst)
  • 500 MB of weight at the time of decompression
  • Vst compatible with Windows and Mac


  • More than 100 Loops
  • More than 560 Samples in total
  • Bonus Samples
  • Bonus two (02) Vst Drums Dominican Dembow

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Demo Preview:

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