Jason Rullo’s drums for beginners TUTORIAL

By | January 17, 2023

Jason Rullo's drums for beginners TUTORIAL

Jason Rullo’s drums for beginners TUTORIAL

Hand technique, rudiments and basic drumset independence.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn proper hand technique and position
  • Develop an understanding and execution of the basic rudiments
  • Develop coordination and learn basic drumset grooves.
  • Develop solid time while anchoring everything with the hi hat foot.
  • Understand the importance and role of the drummer in a band.
  • Learn the basics of sightreading
  • Be able to play along to music!


  • You will need a pair of drumsticks and a practice pad.
  • If you have never played make sure the sticks feel comfortable in relation to the size of your hands.
  • Enthusiasm for drumming!

Welcome to Jason Rullo’s comprehensive beginner drum course! This course is designed for anyone who wishes to learn to play the drum set or would simply like to brush up on the basics. Starting with learning how to read basic drum notation, it will take you through the detailed steps of how to hold the drum sticks, proper body mechanics and how to approach and play the drum set. We will begin to learn the essential drum rudiments which are considered the alphabet of drumming. The rudiments are taught here with very deliberate stick motions and focused technique. I have been blessed to study with many well known drummers while studying many techniques and styles, including Afro-Cuban, Rock, Prog, Metal, Jazz, Funk and more. The techniques passed along go back to the drum legends of the early 20th century as well as modern techniques that have evolved over the years. Also demonstrated is the application of the rudiments to the drum set and turning them into grooves and fills. These exercises are meant to be practiced slowly at first, only very gradually building speed as you can perform each thing properly. Speed comes with time so be patient. I have been playing for longer than I care to admit here, (talking decades!), so don’t think it should sound the same right away! So yes, be patient and have fun!This course lays the foundation for a lifetime of rewarding drumming.


Section 1: Intro to drums, hand technique and mechanics. Hello rudiments!

  • Lecture 1 Introduction, Jason Rullo and drumming…
  • Lecture 2 Reading music, note value and time signatures…
  • Lecture 3 Drum lesson #1 Grip and fulcrum, Wrist Snaps
  • Lecture 4 The Three Stroke Ruff
  • Lecture 5 The Five Stroke Ruff
  • Lecture 6 Single Stroke Roll Exercise: The Pyramid and the Compound Stroke!
  • Lecture 7 Double Stroke Roll Exercise 1 : Accents
  • Lecture 8 The Single Paradiddle, combining single and double strokes.
  • Lecture 9 The 5 Stroke Roll
  • Lecture 10 The 7 Stroke Roll
  • Lecture 11 The 9 Stroke Roll

Section 2: Drum Set Independence and Grooves: The Basics

  • Lecture 12 Rock Beat 101
  • Lecture 13 Triplet Beats and Jazz Ride
  • Lecture 14 The Shuffle
  • Lecture 15 Sixteenth Note Grooves
  • Lecture 16 Paradiddles around the drums! They groove and make great fills!

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