JUNO-106 Synthwave v1.0.0 EXPANSION

By | February 16, 2022

JUNO-106 Synthwave v1.0.0 EXPANSION

JUNO-106 Synthwave v1.0.0 EXPANSION

In the mid-2000s, hidden beneath the internet’s unturned stones, nostalgia began to find itself eking into the present. Standing on the shoulders of French artists like Justice, Kavinsky, and College as well as the fantastical world of video game music, online communities of musicians and sonic wizards began fostering a crossover sound.

Running on the Edge of a Blade
Synthwave conjures images of digital landscapes and retrofuturism. The aesthetics of the genre are drawn from both electro and the ineffable energy of the ‘80s. At the same time, the heart of the sound remains steeped in house and EDM styles.

Roland Cloud proudly presents our Synthwave collection! These 256 patches for the JUNO-106, SYSTEM-8, JX-3P, and JUPITER-8 are the tools you need to create immaculate synthwave architecture. These dramatic saw waves, pulsing basses, and twinkling arps will help your compositions bloom into dreamscapes of paradise and illusion.

Roland hardware synths were critical to establishing the sonic reverie of the 1980s. Use our ACB recreations of these revolutionary instruments to saturate your tracks with bold and beautiful temperatures and create a reality all your own.

JUNO-106 Synthwave Patches
1984 was quite a year. Along with the Summer Olympics and the first untethered spacewalk, it brought us the JUNO-106. With its distinctive stereo chorus and lowpass filter, the instrument became a hallmark of the radio. Try out Synthwave patches like “String 2049” and “Trappist” and see why it’s still beloved today.

Has Synthwave’s extensive assortment of JUNO-106 patches whet your appetite for more retro madness? Fire up the JX-3P, JUPITER-8, or SYSTEM-8 to explore the collection’s additional banks of ’80s-drenched synths…and stranger things.

Explore Roland Cloud’s collection for more sounds including our D-50 exploration “Beyond Fantasia,” the techno collection, and more to come. To download patches, open Roland Cloud Manager.


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