JV-1080 Cinematic Cyberpunk v1.0.0 EXPANSION

By | February 15, 2022

JV-1080 Cinematic Cyberpunk v1.0.0 EXPANION

JV-1080 Cinematic Cyberpunk v1.0.0 EXPANSION

Electrifying new patches for the JV-1080 Software Synthesizer by Dual Shaman.

Boot up and jack in with JV-1080: Cinematic Cyberpunk—a patch collection to cybernetically enhance your tracks. Developed by Romanian sound designers Dual Shaman, this futuristic patch collection features 32 presets for Roland’s DCB recreation of the JV-1080.

Filled with heady pads, menacing leads, and dystopic pulses, JV-1080: Cinematic Cyberpunk pays homage to the futuristic world of science fiction. Influenced by films like Bladerunner and Akira, the sibling sound design team of Dual Shaman have engineered vast digital landscapes with the JV-1080’s deep sound-sculpting capabilities.


Demo Preview:

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