Lead Guitar Techniques TUTORIAL

By | December 12, 2022

Lead Guitar Techniques TUTORIAL

Lead Guitar Techniques TUTORIAL

Dive into the world of electric guitar solos & lead guitar playing

What you’ll learn:

  • Vibrato technique
  • Hammer On / Pull Off technique
  • Slide technique
  • Bending technique
  • Different ways to play harmonics
  • Tapping technique
  • How to spice up simple pentatonic licks
  • Variations & combinations of certain techniques


  • For beginners and intermediates
  • Basic guitar skills needed – like playing a simple pentatonic scale

In this online course you will learn all the fundamental playing techniques which you need to know, if you want to start diving into the world of electric guitar solos and lead guitar playing. The course fits for beginners as well as intermediate guitar players.Techniques like bending, vibrato, slides, hammer ons and pull offs, as well as different kind of harmonics or the tapping technique, are techniques you will learn to master in this course.This is the perfect online course if you… …want to start playing your first guitar solos and lead lines …are overwhelmed with all the different playing techniques …want to have useful exercises & lick ideas for efficient practicing …want to make your guitar licks sound more interesting …want to learn all these techniques the right way & avoid posture mistakesAfter accomplishing this course you will be able to play your first guitar solos. In the section “Additional material” you will find a few examples where you can start with!The course contains very helpful and easy to understand instructional videos, as well as videos which show you how to play certain exercises. All exercise videos contain tablature on screen and you can download all the tabs as PDF and Guitar Pro 8 files!

Who this course is for:

  • Perfect for guitarists who want to start diving in to lead guitar and solo playing

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