By | February 17, 2022

Media RDDT


‘RDDT’ from LGND takes the simple theme and trend of modern Hip Hop and turns it on its head. In four musically genius Construction Kits, this pack is sure to become the soundtrack for years to come. From its Cinematic opening to its gritty Trap closing, this series is the single collection that will set the trend for all of Hip Hop.

LGND returns with their most diverse and hard-hitting Hip Hop series to date. This new series is one for those who love the minimal chord progressions and musicality, single chord pads, addictive leads and melodies that the LGND collective has become famous for.

‘RDDT’ (which stands for Rain Drop, Drop Top) combines Trap, Boom Bap, elements of Chill and Ambient to make the most diverse and delectable collection to grace the Hip Hop genre.

Product Details:

  •  4 Minimally Addictive Construction Kits
  •  Over 920 MB of Content
  •  24-Bit Quality
  •  Royalty-Free
  •  WAV

Please Note:

Some vocals and quotes will not be included in the Construction Kits and are for demo purposes only.


Demo Preview:

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