Logic Pro in Depth Fundamentals (2022) TUTORIAL

By | February 18, 2022

Logic Pro in Depth Fundamentals (2022) TUTORIAL

Logic Pro in Depth Fundamentals (2022) TUTORIAL

If you want to learn how to produce music with Logic Pro and all of Logic’s robust processes, menu options, key commands, shortcuts, functions, and features, this class is for you!

Cory has spent many years producing music and learned how to wield Logic in a way that’s simple and effective. You’ll learn tips and tricks he uses in his music production workflow that you can incorporate into your workflow to save you hours of time and give you more control.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to navigate Logic’s multi-window workflow
  • How to harness the power of Key Commands & Tool Shortcuts
  • Three power producing workflows using the Tracks Area, Step Sequencer, and Live Loops Grid
  • The best Tools for different Music Production Applications
  • Techniques in the Piano Roll packed with Time-Saving MIDI Editing Tricks

You’ll be creating:

A fun song in the genre of your choice using the techniques and knowledge this class.

Even if you’re new to music production and Logic Pro, you’ll find these simple and effective techniques easy to use and apply to your music!


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