Making Songs From Scratch From Lyrics To Master Recording [TUTORIAL]

By | January 20, 2023

Making Songs From Scratch From Lyrics To Master Recording [TUTORIAL]

Making Songs From Scratch From Lyrics To Master Recording [TUTORIAL]

The 10 Steps That Anyone Can Use To Create Professional Songs From Scratch Without A Studio or Music Theory Degree

What you’ll learn:

  • Know the 10 steps to create a professional song from scratch
  • Know the 5 steps to turn basic lyrics into a “full” sound
  • Know how to get a professional vocal track (without paying thousands of dollars)
  • Know the key characteristics you should look for in a producer or engineer in order to polish your song

The only thing you need is the courage to step up to the microphone with your voice or musical instrument.

This isn’t your typical “music theory” course. And, this isn’t a technically-dense “mixing and mastering” course. This is the course that I wish existed for me when I started making music. It is an overview of the most overlooked and important aspect of making great music: “Song Composition.” In this course, I make “song composition” (how to arrange sound) as simple as possible–so that you don’t need music theory or engineering knowledge in order to bring your ideas to life.I will break this complex subject down into 10 simple steps–so that you can follow along and create amazing music from scratch. This course is perfect for singers and musicians who are tired of interpreting other people’s music and want to create their own songs from scratch.You don’t need any music theory knowledge to learn from this course. Everything we do in music is just a matter of telling stories and relaying a state of consciousness or experience to someone else. It is a matter of communication. Therefore, the entire process of song composition and sound arrangement should revolve around your own experience–not technical details and book knowledge. This is a course about how to see music and develop songs in a natural and spontaneous manner–which will lead to more emotion and sincerity in the performance of the song–and ultimately better music.


Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1 Introduction
  • Lecture 2 Song Theory: An Overview
  • Lecture 3 The Awkward Copyright Conversation

Section 2: Step 1: The Melody

  • Lecture 4 What is a melody?
  • Lecture 5 Example: “Sunset”
  • Lecture 6 Example: “Light”
  • Lecture 7 More Examples of “Melodies”

Section 3: Step 2: The Rhythm

  • Lecture 8 What is a rhythm?
  • Lecture 9 How does the rhythm affect the melody?
  • Lecture 10 Rhythm Review

Section 4: Step 3: The Dynamics

  • Lecture 11 What are dynamics?

Section 5: Step 4: The Harmony

  • Lecture 12 What is harmony?

Section 6: Step 5: The Lead

  • Lecture 13 What is the lead?
  • Lecture 14 Example: “Past”

Section 7: Step 6: Practice

  • Lecture 15 Finalize the sound
  • Lecture 16 Prepare to record

Section 8: Step 7: Tracking (Recording)

  • Lecture 17 The Recording Engineer
  • Lecture 18 The Recording Studio
  • Lecture 19 Recording Advice

Section 9: Step 8: Mixing

  • Lecture 20 What is Mixing?
  • Lecture 21 The Mixing Engineer

Section 10: Step 9: Mastering

  • Lecture 22 What is mastering?

Section 11: Step 10: Marketing

  • Lecture 23 What is marketing?
  • Lecture 24 Example: “Live Music”

Section 12: Review: Putting it all together

  • Lecture 25 Example: “Open Minds”

Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, and Producers who want to create better song compositions.

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