Master the Modes on Guitar TUTORIAL

By | September 2, 2021

Master the Modes on Guitar TUTORIAL

Master the Modes on Guitar TUTORIAL

Learning to solo with these more advanced scales and concepts.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand all Seven Modes
  • Be able to recognize modal chord progressions and solo over them
  • Be able to add modal playing to more basic chord progressions
  • Be able to apply the modes all over the fretboard


Having gone through my first course on Basic Theory for Guitar, or having the equivalent knowledge: a thorough understanding of all the major and minor scales and all the chords that relate to them.


Welcome to your course on Mastering the Modes! This can be a difficult and confusing topic, but not to worry! By the time you’re through, you will the have the modes totally mastered!

Before you get going, it is best if you have already gone through my course on Basic Theory for Guitar, as that gives you the foundation to tackle the modes, but if you have a strong grasp of all the Major and Minor scales and all their associated chords, you should be good to go, and if not, no worries, my previous course is super fun as well!

In this course, you will learn to recognize modal progressions and know how to choose the right scales to play with those progressions. You will learn all seven modes, in theory and on the neck. And you will have plenty of practice soloing with each mode. You will receive a comprehensive PDF book to go with your video lectures.

By the time you’re done you will be able to recognize and use these super cool alternate scales, that work in Rock, Jazz and Blues music…. whether you need a super cool Dorian minor scale to jazz up your Blues Playing, a Phrygian Spanish Jam to sound like a real Gypsy King, or a groovy Mixolydian scale, to give a more rock vibe to your part, you will be equipped to handle any modal playing you might need.
Happy Playing! – Jack, with fromjoetopro.

Who this course is for:

This course is for any guitarist who wants to finally understand the modes and be able to use them as a soloist, or songwriter or composer.


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