Mastering EDM Mastering Compression TUTORIAL

By | November 4, 2018

Mastering EDM Mastering Compression TUTORIAL

Mastering EDM Mastering Compression
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What you will learn

All about compression, what the different settings mean, how to use them and why.

How to use compression for maximum impact on the dancefloor.

Learn to balance the dynamics of your different instruments and different levels throughout the song.

Learn how to make sure your kick drum cuts through the mix and hits hard.

Learn how to get your songs loud, fat and in your face while using contrast,
dynamics and automation to make it sound massive.

How we will teach you

An in depth overview of compression; how, why and when to compressor your music as well as what compressor to use.

Learn to use mixbus compression, multiband compression and M/S compression in your masters.

Watch us compress nine different tracks from start to finish!

See what compressors we use, and listen to us explain why, what we wanted to achieve and how we did it.

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