Mickey Shiloh NOHO WAV

By | March 16, 2022

Mickey Shiloh NOHO WAV

Mickey Shiloh NOHO WAV

Spanning rhythmic and soulful loops, tastefully integrated demos, and both clean and digitized melodies of the acoustic guitar, HRDRV’s NOHO sound kit covers all of your needs to create riveting, soulful tracks. Denzel Le’Mar creates MIDI tracks with such balanced fengshui, that all it takes is a simple drag and drop to completely elevate your track to where it defines rhythm and blues on its own. Nick Henderson utilizes a Taylor 114ce acoustic guitar to lay both clean and digitized loops and leads that are non-discriminant to any genre and still allows you to texturize with the sound of a premium guitar. Along with hip-hop samples, R&B demos, and Rastafarian influences, the HRDRV NOHO kit provides all your needs to take your records to the next level.

26 Sounds

Mickey Shiloh is a recording artist and multi-platinum songwriter. She has penned songs for the likes of Pitbull, Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea, Janet Jackson and Cassie and runs a label, BDRM Records, through which she’s released over 100 of her own R&B/Pop tracks. She has a collective of vocalists, songwriters, and producers that deliver high quality sounds, samples, and loops to make any project unique.


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