Mickey Shiloh Outta Pocket WAV

By | June 5, 2022

Mickey Shiloh Outta Pocket WAV

Mickey Shiloh Outta Pocket WAV

Songs get their catchiness and memorability from beautiful melodies and vibe catching vocal moments. Exclamatory shouts or background ad libs keep the song flowing aside from the verse and hooks. Outta Pocket provides a palette of vocals to be used in any way your minds’ ear can imagine. High quality recordings help speed up the process to get from idea to finished product at your own pace. This pack was a collaboration with multiple singers, songwriters, and producers brought together by the label HRDRV. Containing 36 unique one shots, labeled with key, and tempo, all captured and processed with analog and digital gear, compatible with any DAW or sampler. Get current and future sounding production vocals in your tracks today!

36 Sounds

Mickey Shiloh is a recording artist and multi-platinum songwriter. She has penned songs for the likes of Pitbull, Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea, Janet Jackson and Cassie and runs a label, BDRM Records, through which she’s released over 100 of her own R&B/Pop tracks. She has a collective of vocalists, songwriters, and producers that deliver high quality sounds, samples, and loops to make any project unique.

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