Midnight Motifs Intimate Strings WAV

By | March 4, 2023

 Midnight Motifs Intimate Strings

 Midnight Motifs Intimate Strings WAV

Montage’s Midnight Motifs is an essential strings toolkit for any cinematic producer or composer. Recorded in collaboration with an experienced String Quartet in Hollywood, the intention behind every sample is to offer highly useful tools for a range of thematic situations.

Written, composed, and diligently edited by LA based composer John Zarcone, this pack is functional while also being intimate, giving your next score or track a delicate feeling of emotion and passion that will make your project stand out.

You’ll find a variety of material from delicate phrases and ambiences, to lush beds of chords and harmonic textures that stand on their own. Choose from staccato plucks, layered swells, or flautando phrases that can match the mood or energy of any scene or creative brief. These are some of the best recorded and edited string samples and we can’t wait to see how you make them come alive.

Quartet Players:

  • Megan Shung (violin)
  • Ismael Guerrero (cello)
  • Rita Andrade (viola)
  • Kayvon Sesar (violin)

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