Mixing & Mastering With Jaz Kuyper V1 MULTIFORMAT

By | October 29, 2020

Mixing & Mastering With Jaz Kuyper V1 MULTIFORMAT

Mixing & Mastering With Jaz Kuyper V1 MULTIFORMAT

A guide to acheiving balance in your mix; valuable lessons that will improve your audio engineering abilities across any genre.

We proudly present:


Meet your teacher: World renowned producer and sound engineer Jaz Kuyper has racked up credits working with the likes of Major Lazer, Sofi Tukker, Bruno Martini, Armin van Buuren, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Nicky Romero, Cat Dealers, and international brands among the likes of Tomorrowland, JBL, Body Engineers, and many more.

The Tutorial: This is a mixing and mastering tutorial for producers who are looking to squeeze out the final 10-20% out of their mix and bring their songs to life. If you are reaching for top level balance and sonic fidelity in your mixes, we are talking to you.

Jaz sits down with theteam in the legendary Wisseloord Studios in the Netherlands to mix and master his latest production Stand In The Front, a powerful hip hop track with prominent Atlanta based songwriter & artist RAX REBL.

The years of Jaz’s professional mixing experience, combined with a room built to the highest level of acoustic standards, allowed Jaz to demonstrate the subtlest nuance of the mix and highlight the issues between elements in the mix that would often go unnoticed.

The result: a learning experience that will serve as a high level reference point for your mixes.

Your attention will be drawn to the details… the small details that add up to make a very big difference over the course of an entire mix.

As you move forward with your musical pursuits, you may find that the pros are using the same tools as everyone else for the most part. Even the techniques are similar… in theory. The value that a video such as this brings to the table is being able to watch somebody do it live and make those decisions in real time. Nearly everyone in the game knows how to using EQ in theory, but how the tool is used and what frequencies are being manipulated is what makes the difference.

After 1 hour and 15 minutes of uninterrupted mixing in Logic, Jaz switches over to Universal Audio’s brand new DAW, Luna, to provide a detailed stem-master for the second chapter of this engineering demonstration.

What else comes with your download?

Unmixed starting point stems: Load these up into the DAW of your choosing, to follow along with Jaz and hone your mixing techniques.

Mixed Stems: The stems were bounced out from the end result of Jaz’s mixing tutorial to provide a reference point of a mix that is ready for mastering.

Logic Pro X Project File: Direct download of the complete mixing session.

Luna Project File: Direct download of the complete stem-master session.

Some highlights from this 2-part tutorial:

  • 01. Multiband sidechaining
  • 02. Metering for a visual reference
  • 03. Mid-side EQ
  • 04. EQ
  • 05. Compression
  • 06. Kick/bass interplay
  • 07. Maximizing low end
  • 08. Transient shaping
  • 09. UAD Bx_digital V3 techniques
  • 10. Fab Filter Pro-Q 3 techniques
  • 11. Achieving balance between the vocal and lead instruments
  • 12. Neve summing in Luna
  • 13. Mastering

NOTE: LUNA requires a Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt Interface (Mac only).

UAD plugins used: Oxford dynamic EQ, bx_digital V3, MDWEQ5-5B, Tube-Tech PE 1C, Oxford SuprEsser DS, Pultec EQP-1A, Maag EQ4, API 2500 Bus Compressor, Sonnox Oxford Envolution.

Additional plugins used: Cytomic The Glue, Boz Digital Manic Compressor, IK Multimedia T-RackS One, IK Multimedia T-RackS Bus Compressor, Plugin Alliance Elysia Museq, Fab Filter Pro- MB, Fab Filter Pro-Q 3, Waves X Click, Waves Linear Phase Multiband, Fab Filter Pro-L 2.


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