ModeAudio Superposition Cinematic Loops & Samples WAV

By | March 10, 2023

ModeAudio Superposition Cinematic Loops & Samples WAV

ModeAudio Superposition Cinematic Loops & Samples WAV

‘Superposition – Cinematic Loops & Samples’ from ModeAudio begins as a point of light on the screen, growing in intensity till your vision is filled with kaleidoscopic scenes bursting with Cinematic vigour and vitality. Paint entire Sci-Fi soundscapes within your DAW with this expansive 654MB set of royalty-free loops and samples, brimming with widescreen-inspired sonority and dystopian dissonance!

Construct your next epic soundtrack from this weighty selection of 170 mesmerising music loops, ranging from thundering percussion patterns, roaring analog basses, searing synth drones, shimmering chords and rich plucked melodies. Create your own earth-shaking drum parts from the accompanying set of 30 beefy drum samples, and layer in your choice of the 21 one shot samples to tastefully transition through the moods and scenes of your arrangement.

Create your very own sonic supercollider and unleash the quantum power of smashed sonic atoms inside your next music production – download ‘Superposition – Cinematic Loops & Samples’ today!

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