Moment SOURCE_ERROR, a wubz moment WAV

By | February 22, 2023

Moment SOURCE_ERROR, a wubz moment WAV

Moment SOURCE_ERROR, a wubz moment WAV

To anyone within earshot of the Soundcloud digicore scene over the past few years, wubz is a revered name, yet anonymous character. They’re an internet-bound bedroom beatmaker like many of their peers, but “their uncharacteristically pitched-down vocal stylings provide the yin to the scene’s pitched-up yang,” writes Katie Manners. wubz is a sonic storyteller whose music deals with aggression and anxiety, creating a chaotic and cathartic sound stage that’s all self-produced.

‘SOURCE_ERROR’ is a fantastical, twisted, bitcrushed landscape. A palette of wistful guitars, nostalgic OST-type synths, and mix-slashing drums downsampled into oblivion, then upscaled back to maximum potency and punch.

“I wanted this pack to sound like you were sucked into a game… and you have to beat it to get out,” wubz tells us over a choppy Discord call. “Everything you create with it will sound like boss music.”

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