Music Protest Ableton Push 2 Rhythm Theory TUTORIAL

By | March 29, 2022

Music Protest Ableton Push 2 Rhythm Theory TUTORIAL

Music Protest Ableton Push 2 Rhythm Theory TUTORIAL

Ableton Rhythm in Electronic Music
This course is ideal for any electronic musician who wants to understand (visually and intellectually) how to create both familiar/standard beats AND innovative/original beats. From the basics on up, this course will expand your understanding of rhythms and inspire you to reinvent your beats (and maybe make a breakthrough on that old track :).

Where You’ll Start…
We’ll kick things off with a primer on essential beat/time concepts like duple, triple and beats. Then, we’ll explore polyrhythms, humanizing and use what we learn to construct House, Garage and 2 Step beats.

Design Better Beats
I’ve been an electronic musician and performer since the days of Ableton 4 and this course encapsulates rhythm fundamentals that every beginner electronic musician needs to know. I’ve learned how to capture beats more easily on Push 2 and how to keep beats feeling human, without them sounding too imperfect…

When You’re Finished…
By the time you’ve finished this course, you’ll have created 3 great beats – House, UK Garage and 2 Step. You’ll understand how to program beats from scratch AND how to use delays, humanizing, polyrhythms and randomizing capabilities in Ableton to enhance your beats.

Course Content:

  • 1.Introduction to Push 2 Rhythm
  • 2.Duple and Triple Rhythms
  • 3.Simple Polyrhythms
  • 4.Multi-Clip Polyrhythms
  • 5.Dotted Delay
  • 6.Humanizing and Randomizing
  • 7.Beatmaking House
  • 8.Beatmaking UK Garage
  • 9.Beatmaking 2 Step
  • 10.Wrap-Up and Tips

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