NI Expansion: Pulswerk v2.0.2 WIN & MAC

By | July 17, 2021

NI Expansion: Pulswerk v2.0.2 WIN & MAC

NI Expansion: Pulswerk v2.0.2 WIN & MAC

PULSWERK delivers the deep, clean, pounding intensity of contemporary minimal techno and house with edgy, precise grooves and a custom construction toolset that kicks with the cool, polished sound of electronic music’s most refined styles. Add sequenced, tempo-synced effects to your tracks with a wealth of tweaking and routing options, and use MASSIVE presets to bring an extra touch of thunder to your creations. Get ready for the main floor – this is PULSWERK.


PULSWERK’s sound arsenal was created by renowned sound designer Denis Gökdag. To create each sound, Denis ran vintage and modern hardware synths, softsynths, drum machines, and modular units through select, high-end outboard gear. Another round of processing added extra attitude, clarity, and punch for pro sound out of the box. And custom patterns using chords, bleeps, glitches, drones, and other pitched sources deliver tight, pulsing sounds that cut through a mix with precision.


Raw drum hits and one-shots come DAW-ready – plus tempo-based construction loops give you building blocks for inspiration.

  • 258 Construction Loops
  • 445 Drum Samples
  • 354 One Shots


Kits come pre-assembled for MASCHINE and BATTERY, with color coding for BATTERY and FX-enhanced kits for MASCHINE.

  • 59 BATTERY Kits
  • 50 MASCHINE Kits


Customizable presets for MASSIVE by top sound designers give you the perfect sounds for your genre.

  • 60 MASSIVE Presets


MASCHINE owners get editable patterns for building ideas fast. Plus, multi-effects macros that are custom-made for your sounds.

  • 7 Projects
  • 215 Patterns


Demo Preview:

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