Night Rush – Future Bass Massive Presets

By | April 11, 2019

Night Rush – Future Bass Massive Presets

Night Rush – Future Bass Massive Presets
Size 171 Mb

‘Night Rush: Future Bass Massive Presets’ is proudly brought to you by CAPSUN ProAudio. The third installment in this Extensions Series brings you high quality, expertly crafted presets for your favourite soft synth plugins.

‘Night Rush: Future Bass Massive Presets’ follows up the bestseller ‘Crystal Complex’ packed full of experimental, genre melting sounds for forward thinking Bass music and beyond. A new collection of 95 meticulously designed presets for Native Instruments Massive, 100 WAV loops and 91 MIDI loops showcasing the best of existing genres and adding all new, complex sound design to inspire the next wave of future production.

Once again this sound set looks to challenge the boundaries of standard EDM sounds and represent the crossover between genres, tones and timbres that defines ‘future’ production. The sounds will slot perfectly into all genres defined by experimentation or ideal just to add some new wave flair to modern pop production. Ideal for producers of genres such as Future RnB, Chill Trap, Future Bass, Jersey Club, Turned Down Rap, Future Beats, Synthwave, Future House & Garage, Experimental Electronica and Ambient Beats.

This preset pack has once again been created by sound designer and producer Colin C, a prolific remixer and creator of bestselling sample packs who has written music for some of US television’s most famous shows. He has created a signature bank of dynamic new patches using precise sound design. We then tested them to their limit and selected the most original and inspiring.

Future Retro FM style keys with a twist, soaring gliding mono leads, brash digital poly keys, solid subs, weighty analogue style bass tones, buzzing dirty lo-fi low end, a huge selection of cloudy evolving pads, lush synth washes, clean & tight plucks, electronic FX and more.

100 custom WAV loops and 91 MIDI loops are included showcasing every preset at 130 BPM in various complimentary keys. These can be imported straight into your DAW as inspiration or to layer into existing sessions. All melodic sounds from the demo song are included.

The versatility of every sound has been maximised by utilising all 8 Macros, extending the sonic possibilities of each preset. Start twisting macros and make quick changes that can lead to inspiring new results.

For those new to the complex end of synthesis, this gives a quick and simple entry point to designing the ideal sound for your track whilst avoiding those played out presets. Most of the presets start conservative but can be tweaked and crafted into some amazing, alternative future tones and melodics.

‘Night Rush: Future Bass Massive Presets’ is perfect for Future and Experimental genres but is also useful for Experimental Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Downtempo, Trap, EDM, Glitch Hop and Dubstep. This pack is very versatile and can be tweaked to suit most genres.

Please Note:

This is a Massive preset, WAV & MIDI loop pack only. Drums and vocals in the demo song are taken from other CAPSUN ProAudio products.

Tech Specs:

• 260 MB
• 95 NI Massive 1.5.0+ Presets
• 100 WAV Loops
• 91 MIDI Loops

Demo Preview:

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