Osaka Sound Sample Packs Collection WAV

By | October 27, 2020

Osaka Sound Sample Packs Collection WAV

Osaka Sound Sample Packs Collection WAV

Osaka Sound captures the nostalgic mood of your vinyl collection. We focus on jazzy keys, lush textures and dusty beats. Osaka Sound creates the highest quality music samples in genres such as Hip Hop, Lofi, Trap and more.

This collection includes 32 sample packs:

Burn Dat Cash
Lofi Hip Hop
Cozy Beats
Creepin Trap
Daydreams – Lofi Guitar Jams
Daytona – Hip Hop & Trap
Daytona 2 – Hip Hop & Trap
Frozen – Ice Cold Trap Beats
Hills & Horizons
Honey Bee – Mellow Beats
Imagination – Trap
Jaws – Trap Vibes
Juice – Beatmakers Collection
Lethal Affairs – Lofi Trap
Lofi Beats Vol.1
Love Song – Lofi Cuts & Jazzy Beats
Midnight Ride – Deep & Dark Trap
Namida – Lofi Hip Hop
Nero Melancholic Trap
Nightshift – Lofi Hip Hop
Numb – Melancholic Trap
Panda – Trap & Hip Hop Essentials
Sakura Chilled Out Beats
Snakes – Charting Trap
Solitude & Amplitude
Stacks- Dissonant Trap
Stayin In – Essential Lofi & Hip Hop Toolkit
Tales From Atlanta
Tales From Atlanta 2
Torii – Lofi Beats
Torii 2 – Lofi Beats
Sapphire – Lofi Future Bass

11.2 GB of content when uncompressed.


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