Patchbanks Bootleg Cuts Collection WAV

By | June 7, 2022

Patchbanks Bootleg Cuts Collection WAV

Patchbanks Bootleg Cuts Collection WAV

Bootleg Cuts Collection features a master playlist of 50+ original compositions inspired by rare vintage records widely used for producing dark and soulful hip hop beats. Included are instrument sounds such as strings, guitar, harp, electric bass, EP keys, organs, analog synths and other distinct instruments. Each stereo mix was recorded, processed and mixed with class-A outboard gear and saturated with LA-2A tubes.

52 Sounds

Patchbanks is a boutique sound library distribution company with over ten years experience in the music business and recognition as a premium source for vintage and modern audio samples. Our network includes a worldwide roster of professional recording studios, producers, engineers, musicians and songwriters in collaboration to develop trending and archival audio recordings for independent and commercial music production.

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