Patchbanks Rubicon Drums Vol.1 AIFF

By | June 7, 2022

Patchbanks Rubicon Drums Vol.1 AIF

Patchbanks Rubicon Drums Vol.1 AIF

Rubicon Drums Vol.1 contains 24 loops of a Pearl drum kit recorded in a small vintage studio through an Ampex MM1000 tape machine. The drum mixes have a rich tone with tape saturation, solid state compression and analog circuitry. The rhythm styles include styles of soul, funk, hip hop and one trap beat for fun.

24 Sounds

Patchbanks is a boutique sound library distribution company with over ten years experience in the music business and recognition as a premium source for vintage and modern audio samples. Our network includes a worldwide roster of professional recording studios, producers, engineers, musicians and songwriters in collaboration to develop trending and archival audio recordings for independent and commercial music production.

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