Patchbanks Super Breaks AIFF

By | June 7, 2022

Patchbanks Super Breaks AIF

Patchbanks Super Breaks AIF

Super Breaks contains 35 original drum compositions in the styles of ’70s soul, soundtrack, blaxploitation and other drum styles widely sampled for old school hip hop. These loops have a unique sound with many containing musical instrumentation on the first half and the isolated drums on the second. The recordings have a gritty vinyl sound suitable for producing throwback beats.

35 Sounds

Patchbanks is a boutique sound library distribution company with over ten years experience in the music business and recognition as a premium source for vintage and modern audio samples. Our network includes a worldwide roster of professional recording studios, producers, engineers, musicians and songwriters in collaboration to develop trending and archival audio recordings for independent and commercial music production.

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