Pianobook Red Clay Guitar KONTAKT

By | December 19, 2022

Pianobook Red Clay Guitar KONTAKT

Pianobook Red Clay Guitar KONTAKT

Electric guitar ambience inspired by road trips through America.

The story
This library was inspired by the tones of guitarists Marisa Anderson and Chuck Johnson, who have rekindled my love for the instrument after a long few years feeling cold towards it. Their American folk and ambient styles really drew me towards playing in ways that I hadn’t explored much before. The Red Clay Guitar focuses on playing the guitar plucked with the fingers and with a brass slide on the fretboard. This rustic tone is accompanied by more ambient articulations including notes stretched out into ambient pads, sweeps of the slide over the strings, and reversed notes full of wobbly vibrato.

The ambient gestures in the articulations are in part inspired by a hypnotic journey I took in Spring 2022 through Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. We travelled on long, droning roads and over red-orange creeks on our way to the sea. This instrument is the first step in a sonic travel-diary that I hope to continue.

I hope that you find a use for it! Peter x

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