PSP MasterQ2 v2.1.1 VS VST3 AAX [WIN]

By | November 23, 2021

PSP MasterQ2 v2.1.1 VS VST3 AAX [WIN]

PSP MasterQ2 v2.1.1 VS VST3 AAX [WIN]

Typically, mastering equalisers are purely focused on the process of equalization, but PSP MasterQ2 is not merely a masteringEQ; the “Q” stands for “Quality.” We designed PSP MasterQ2 to be a creative tool for mixing and mastering or wherever its features and quality are needed.

PSP MasterQ2 can operate at sampling rates ranging from 44.1kHz all the way up to 768kHz. It offers seven different filters: 12, 24, and 36 dB/oct low cut and high cut filters; low shelf and high shelf filters which can be switched to peaking filters; and low-mid, middle and high-mid peaking filters – all with adjustable frequency and Q over a wide range.

The EQ graph displays an overview of the EQ curve, as well as the individual characteristics of each filter. In addition to its powerful filters, PSP MasterQ2 also offers you a selection of limiting and “soft-clipping” algorithms to help you shape your signal and keep it from digitally peaking.

PSP MasterQ2 employs astoundingly precise 80-bit extended floating point computations in all filters to deal with any accumulation errors. It also allows for optimal filter operation at even the lowest frequencies with high gain and Q factor settings.

PSP MasterQ2 also makes use of our our proprietary Frequency Authentication Technique algorithm. “FAT” is a double sampling technique which allows for proper filter operation at the highest frequencies. This mode utilizes high order linear filters to prevent phase errors and linear errors from the audio bandwidth caused by double order sampling. This technique results in double sampling without any sample rate conversion artifacts.

We’d love you to experience it for yourself – it has to be heard to believe! Use it as a precise, surgical EQ for mastering or a color processor for sound design and mixing. Once you try it, you’ll understand what a creative sound shaping tool PSP MasterQ2 can be.


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