Psy Toolbox | A 2.9GB Bolt of Psy Lightening! [WAV]

By | October 14, 2021

Psy Toolbox | A 2.9GB Bolt of Psy Lightening! [WAV]

Psy Toolbox | A 2.9GB Bolt of Psy Lightening! [WAV]

This pack was designed exclusively for Psytrance producers to have a wealth of high end, useable sounds at their disposal, anytime, anywhere. This is so going to be a staple for any and all Psy artists.

‘Psy Toolbox’ as the name suggests leaves no stone unturned, every type of single hit sound is included with an emphasis on FX & One Shots.

We’ve included some song starters to showcase just how easily these Psy sounds can be applied but the usability is 100% endless. We know what’s needed for solid Psytrance tracks, thats why the standard riser FX, synth FX, zaps, percussion FX and noises are included. However there’s also a substantial collection of vocal FX too which breaths new light into the FX section. Lean to the other side and you’ll be surprised that there’s one shot bass, layered bass sounds, streamlined FX, growls, plucks, synth hits and some more zaps because no one ever has enough zaps! Wrap that up with the midi files for the song starters and wait for it…………. A folder crammed with legendary drum rolls + fills and you’ve got an offering from the Trance gods that will stand the test of time!

So if you need of a bolt of Psy lightening, nearly 3GB of Psy lightening to be precise, you know this is the sample pack will help you build heroic Psytrance tracks and remixes of epic proportions.


  • Song Starters (Stems) x3
  • Includes drums, basslines, fx groups (fx used from rest of pack, timeline lists – 30
  • Drums – Drum Roll & Fill – 28
  • FX – Downsweep – 15
  • FX – Noize – 10
  • FX – Percussion – 10
  • FX – Riser – 104
  • FX – Synth – 228
  • FX – Vocal – 52
  • FX – Zap – 15
  • One Shots – Bass – 12
  • One Shots – Bass Layered – 69
  • One Shots – FX – 200
  • One Shots – Growl – 95
  • One Shots – Pluck – 30
  • One Shots – Synth – 80
  • One Shots – Zap – 28


Demo Preview:


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