Push Button Bang Sexy Club Vocals WAV

By | October 19, 2022

Push Button Bang Sexy Club Vocals WAV

Push Button Bang Sexy Club Vocals WAV

Turn up the heat in your music with this up-front collection of sexy vocal stems, hooks and phrases, perfect for Jackin House, Dirty Electro and steamy Club Bangers. Sexy Club Vocals provides exactly that – a red hot collection of honey-dripping, soulful vocal stems and hooks, guaranteed to give you great vocal results in no time at all.

Melting the mic are two outstanding Uk female session vocalists, providing a passionate palette of simple yet catchy, inter-changeable vocal ideas to light up your club music with a smouldering, sexy feel.

The content features 40 vocal stem and hook concepts, each containing several versions with different deliveries, add-on parts for changes and melodic harmonisations.

The hooks are complemented with a range of one shots and improvisations – featuring sexy moans and groans, backing Ohhs and Ahhs and interesting melodic touches…

All content is provided reverb free, with balanced EQ and light compression. The time conscious producer will find the content has been engineered to sit well into most mixes, While still offering full creative scope to re-arrange and affect as seen fit.

Each of the Hook sections can be used in various ways:

Complete verse and chorus sections
As traditional song parts, creating verses and choruses

Breakdown vocal melody concepts, vocal fills with suggestive phrases.

Liven up that melodic synth line with a complimentary vocal idea, or get inspiration from the vocal melody to create something based on the vocal melody.

Build elements. repeating phrases
Use parts of the loops to create a vocal crescendo which repeats with the build.

Pre drop vocal hooks
Use a small section with some catchy words to give your pre drop moment some character.

Melodic harmonisations
Create harmonies with layered versions or use sung improvisations to add backing.

All loops presented as key-mapped, 128BPM looping sections, ranging in length from 2 to 16 bars.

As well as the aforementioned genres, this collection works perfectly with all types of house, electro, breaks, garage and any kind of mid tempo club music.

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