reFX Expansion – Sounds Of The Summer 1-3 For NEXUS 3

By | October 12, 2021

reFX Expansion – Sounds Of The Summer 1-3 For NEXUS 3

reFX Expansion – Sounds Of The Summer 1-3 For NEXUS 3


Make your next hit sizzle with the hottest expansion pack of the summer: Sounds of the Summer!

They say it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. Well, it’s always summer somewhere, too! So, send your listeners on a journey through bikinis, sand, margaritas, and sun – wherever they are in the world and whatever time of day it is!

With 129 sounds of pure joy, from tropical plucks, bouncy arpeggios, real guitars, and breezy flutes to chill basslines and straight beats, your next hit will sing with the sounds of summer!


Let the sun shine in with Sounds of the Summer 2!

This second installment of breezy summer sounds has everything you need to make a splash. From fresh mallets, plucks and beautiful, natural instruments (such as guitars and flutes) to pitched voices, bouncy beats and punch-packed basslines.

All these ingredients are ready to pour into a brilliant musical cocktail spiked with memorable melody riffs and inspiring chords progressions.


Get your bikini beats ready for the beach:

Sounds of the Summer 3 is here – just in time for your next summertime hit!

Dive into warm, wonderful arps, soft basslines, light-footed plucks, sweet bells, groovy beats, and inspiring melodic sequences.

This one hand-delivers everything you need to make your next tropical house, deep house, lounge or balearic trance track more colorful, bright, and fun than ever. All sounds are already mixed and charts-ready.

What are you waiting for? Summer is calling.

What are you waiting for? Go give those people their party on the beach!


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