reFX NEXUS 4 v4.5.4 + Factory + ROM 3 & 4 Extensions

By | December 9, 2022


reFX NEXUS 4 v4.5.4 + Factory + ROM 3 & 4 Extensions [WIN]

Nexus 4 has an advanced librarian, which is designed to make it easier to catalogue your sounds and find what you’re looking for. Arpeggiator Deluxe enables you to access all 16 layer arpeggiators, along with the main arpeggiator, and there’s now full visualisation of the effects signal flow.

There are new effects, too – a glitch processor and an OTT compressor, for example.

The signal flow for each layer has similarly been visualised, making it easy to disable entire layers or adjust individual effects and oscillators.

reFX also says that the cloud sync feature has been improved, making it easier to get your content back when you install Nexus 4 on a new machine. There’s backwards compatibility with Nexus 2 and Nexus 3 libraries, and online activation means that no more dongles or third-party authorisation tools are required.

Oh, and because Nexus is all about presets, there are now 260 new ones. Preset loading times and CPU performance have been improved, too.




  • Added “Tube” insert-FX to make clean sounds more dirty.
  • Added biLFO1 and biLFO2 modulation sources to the main-mod-matrix.
  • Added a fifth function slot to the layers.


  • “Ducker” now has a quick fade out at the end.
  • Cleaned up modulation source menu.


  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes.




  • Added “Ducker” FX for super-easy sidechaining.
  • Added “Fuzzer” insert-FX to make clean sounds more dirty.
  • Added “Follower” FX that allows flexible volume based modulations.
  • Added vu-meters between FX.
  • Added “step-envelope” as a modulation source.
  • Added inverted shapes for mod-matrix sources.
  • The Main-FX group is now lockable.
  • The Main-FX trancegate is now lockable.


  • Channel vu-meters are stereo now.
  • Moved instance parameters back to the front-page for easier access.
  • You can now add FX anywhere in the chain.
  • Modulation-sources are always visible now.
  • Removed annoying tooltip in librarian.


  • The VST3 version didn’t load its skins on first open.
  • Portamento lock didn’t work.
  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes.

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