Samples From Mars Minipops From Mars WAV

By | April 24, 2022

Samples From Mars Minipops From Mars WAV

Samples From Mars Minipops From Mars WAV

What happens when you combine the Minipops SR-120 analog drum machine with an H3000, Space Echo, and tape machine? We aren’t entirely sure either… but it sounds otherworldly!

Released in 1976, the Minipops has a wonderfully analog sound and sports a bigger kick drum than any other rhythm box we’ve heard (and we’ve heard quite a few).

But, we wanted to bring the Minipops into the future, so we pumped it through a variety of truly unhinged pitching, delays, and modulation effects on our H3000 and printed it to tape, re-pitching the results for deeper kicks, slo-mo beats, and frantic grooves.

These samples are nothing like what you’d expect from an early rhythm box. The drums drip, stretch and blast out of your speakers like some strange creature from a B-movie!

Along with 64 loops created with this monstrous chain, we meticulously isolated the best one-shots to make 5 16x hit kits – including a clean kit along with the processed, so you can still experience that original Minipops goodness!

  • 80 one shots
  • 64 loops

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