Samplestate Modern Tech House MULTIFORMAT

By | February 7, 2020

Samplestate Modern Tech House MULTIFORMAT

Samplestate Modern Tech House MULTIFORMAT

Samplestate is proud to present our latest product, representing the current sound of Modern Tech House. Inspired by chart topping artists such as Patrick Topping, Cristoph, Denney, Dale Howard, Sidney Charles and labels such as Hot Creations, Noir Music, Avotre and Definition Music. This pack nails it firmly to the dance floor and delivers plenty of ammunition for your next club track.

Ram packed with nearly 900MB of pristine 24 bit samples, featuring solid drum loops, quality floor shaking bass and synth lines/stabs, dry and processed vocal lines and hooks, classic 808/909/727 samples and modern drum hits, this pack provides endless inspiration for any new house production.

In Detail expect to find 852MB, 24 Bit Quality samples including 45 122BPM Drum Loops, 81 123BPM Drum Loops, 60 124BPM Drum Loops, 40 123BPM Bass Loops, 20 124BPM Bass Loops, 18 122BPM Synth Loops, 22 123BPM Synth Loops, 20 124BPM Synth Loops, 20 Bass Stabs, 110 Analogue Drum Machine Hits, 25 Clap Samples, 25 Closed Hat Samples, 25 Kick Samples, 25 Open Hat Samples, 25 Percussive Samples, 25 Snare Samples, 19 FX Samples, 14 Synth Stabs, 35 Dry Vocal Loops, 44 Wet Vocal Loops, 309 Rex2 Files and 44 Soft Sampler Patches for NNXT, Kontakt2+, Halion & EXS24

Modern Tech House sits perfectly in all styles of House Music including Deep House, Tech House and Funky House to name a few.

Modern Tech House pack includes:

24 Bit Quality
45 122BPM Drum Loops
81 123BPM Drum Loops
60 124BPM Drum Loops
40 123BPM Bass Loops
20 124BPM Bass Loops
18 122BPM Synth Loops
22 123BPM Synth Loops
20 124BPM Synth Loops
20 Bass Stabs
110 Analogue Drum Machine Hits
25 Clap Samples
25 Closed Hat Samples
25 Kick Samples
25 Open Hat Samples
25 Percussive Samples
25 Snare Samples
19 FX Samples
14 Synth Stabs
35 Dry Vocal Loops
44 Wet Vocal Loops
309 Rex2 Files
44 Soft Sampler Patches for NNXT, Kontakt2+, Halion & EXS24


Demo Preview:

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