Secrets In The Air Cinematic Percussion WAV

By | March 20, 2023

Secrets In The Air Cinematic Percussion WAV

Secrets In The Air Cinematic Percussion WAV

During the pandemic, percussionists Brian Rosenworcel and Daniel Freedman formed a unique bond together going on hikes percussing on forest trees, discussing life and creativity, and finding therapy in music out of unusual objects to keep themselves sane. They spent lockdown building a deep relationship that allowed for open communication and an earned feeling of unencumbered honesty which allowed them to be their purest creative selves. Inspired by their connection, the duo teamed up to form Howl Percussion, a mini group who’s musical philosophy starts with drums and the rhythmic beat at the heart of each track.

“It’s a strange way to build a foundation – often with no harmonic component, but we knew we could enlist our musical friends to help us figure out where these beats wanted to go. Diving into this unknown felt inviting and a sonic canvas was painted in ways they couldn’t have even imagined. We were open to all tempos, moods, and styles, but ended up places neither of us had been before.” – Howl Percussion

What was born from this connection was Secrets in the Air, a brilliant cinematic score that connotes movement, excitement, action, and mischief. Ideally suited for a heist scene, a car chase, or as the backdrop to a confident hero seizing the day, this sample pack is a powerful eclectic collection of drums, world percussion, brass, and horns. Expertly recorded and brilliantly diverse, this pack is bound to have the right sample to fit any production, score, video game soundtrack, or sync placement that needs energy with a little bit of mystery.

Daniel Freedman extends well beyond the reach of his drum kit. A master rhythmic catalyst, he brings a boundless imagination to his gift for sonic alchemy, with influences ranging from swinging jazz to deep-rooted blues, along with wide-ranging traditions from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and beyond. His skills have led him from the fertile early ‘90s scene at Smalls Jazz Club in New York City to the Broadway stage, as part of David Byrne’s acclaimed “American Utopia” as well as the movie version of the show, directed by Spike Lee.

Brian Rosenworcel has been crafting songs with his band Guster since the early 90’s. On Guster’s seminal 1999 album “Lost & Gone Forever” (produced by Steve Lillywhite) he used only his eclectic kit of hand drums and no sticks, viewing his congas as dynamic instruments and not just rhythmic accompaniments. As a lyricist, arranger, and songwriter, Brian sees the whole picture beyond the drums and continues to tour worldwide with Guster.

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