Sonic Projects OP-X PRO-II v1.3.0 [WIN & MacOS]

By | January 11, 2023

Sonic Projects OP-X PRO-II

Sonic Projects OP-X PRO-II v1.3.0 [WIN & MacOS]

OP-X PRO-II is a virtual analog synth originally based on the famous Oberheim OB-X. During its evolution the engine however was extended with features borrowed from various other iconic synths of this era, which makes it incredibly versatile. The range of possible sounds reaches from early monophonic synths over classics like OB-X and Jupiter-8 up to Matrix-12.

The engine of OP-X PRO-II exactly clones the technical structure of real analog voltage controlled polyphonic synths of the 80s, which were based on separate discrete circuits for each voice, which were slightly varying in sound by default because of device tolerances, and could be tuned globally by adding an offset voltage (auto-tune) or individually by adjusting trimpots on the circuit boards. All of this is implemented in OP-X PRO-II too. Which means: The single voices in fact are discrete separate mono-synths (no voice-cloning!) which slightly vary in sound by default (untuned), but can be quickly tuned or again de-tuned globally (also seamlessly if needed) by the click of dedicated buttons (imitating auto-tune) for different parameter groups. Virtual trimpots (imitating the calibration trimpots on the voice-boards) finally also allow to tune pairs of voices individually to achieve a custom detuning if needed.

Since the voices (12) are discrete they also can be individually attached or detached from the central voice allocation unit, which in the originals often could be done with device-internal dip-switches. In OP-X PRO-II this can be done with a combination of switchable master polyphony (6/8/12) and individually detachable voice-pairs (voice mute). This lets you create nearly any setup of choice. By including just one voice you e.g. can create a true mono-synth, by including 5 voices a Prophet-5 with original polyphony behaviour, by including 3 and engaging the “Oct Lower Upper” chord preset a typical 3-Osc Minimoog bass. It’s all up to what you want to achieve.

Features like morphable multimode filters (dual filter design), frequency modulation, ring modulation, hard sync, voice panning with modulatable pans, an included arpeggiator/midi processor offering 32 modes (including chord presets, note doubling, step-sequencer), and finally an included effects processor give you nearly endless possibilities for sound creation.

OP-X PRO-II comes bundled with a huge included presets library offering more than 2500 awesome presets provided in themed banks. This meticulously crafted library has developed and grown over years and includes many of the most famous 80s hits sounds as well as countless well known factory presets from various classic vintage synths. Presets creation was based on extensive research and A:B tweaking to achieve a level of authenticity you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re into 80s sound or analog synth sound in general the presets library alone makes this synth a must-have.

General Features:

  • 12 tunable voices (virtual voice-boards) in 2 voice-banks
  • 2 Oscillators per voice (saw, pulse, sine)
  • FM, hard sync, ring mod, pw modulation
  • Morphable multimode filter (lp12/24, hp, bp, no)
  • Switchable filter self oscillation
  • 2 LFOs (main, lever)
  • LFO 1 waveforms: sine, square, saw, triangle, sample&hold, sampled vibrato
  • LFO 1 features: delay, note trigger, free phase adjustment
  • 2 ADSRs (Filter, Amp)
  • ADSR 1: invertable, routable to pitch and pulse width
  • ADSR 2: switchable attack (lin/log), routable to ring mod
  • Stacked unison with variable amount of voices and spread control
  • Switchable legato or retrigger (uni/poly)
  • Polyphonic portamento with switchable spread and detuning
  • Arpeggiator offering 32 modes
  • Chord hold, sequencer, double mode
  • Built in effects processor (reverb/delay) offering presets
  • Switchable dual engine effects processing
  • LFO, effects and arpeggiator syncable to song tempo
  • 32 wheel modes, mod to cutoff, asymetric bending
  • MIDI learn & relative or fetched CC processing
  • CC remote patch switching
  • Arpeggio hold and sequencer start/stop switchable by damper pedal
  • Separate Voice Design (SVD)
  • Switchable master polyphony (6/8/12)
  • Deactivatable voices
  • Individual Pan control per voice channel
  • Panning modulation
  • Global tuning options (OSC/FILT/ENV/POR)
  • Tuning trimpots per voice channel for custom tunings
  • Built in patch browser with patch change smoother
  • 2500 built in presets
  • Includes many famous 80s sounds
  • 2 interface types (synth/rack) each in 3 sizes (standard/large/huge)

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