SOUND7 Outrun Vol.2 for Repro-5

By | September 30, 2022

SOUND7 Outrun Vol.2 for Repro-5

SOUND7 Outrun Vol.2 for Repro-5

Are you finding other synthwave presets lacking? You don’t want to waste countless hours shoe-horning a mediocre sound into your productions to then not be happy with it at the end.

We design our presets to specifically avoid this problem. Nothing but high quality Synthwave Presets to quickly upgrade your productions with and be finally satisfied with your finished tracks.

Quickly transform your Synthwave sound from mediocre to mesmerising.

Here’s what you get in the pack.

A Big emphasis on future trends of Synthwave, Outrun, Vaporwave and Retro Sounds. A fusion of Retro with Neo with Big Vangelis styled pads sweeping from down from the high pass or sweeping up from the depths including in theme use of unusual and undocumented modulation parameters.


  • 12 Bass
  • 14 Keys
  • 12 leads
  • 12 Pads
  • 6 Plucks
  • 8 FX

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Demo Preview:

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