Soundethers Subtle World KONTAKT

By | July 4, 2019

Soundethers Subtle World KONTAKT

Soundethers Subtle World KONTAKT
Size 670 Mb

Subtle World, pulsing fields automations for Kontakt 5, will make you delve deep into the world of Field Recordings, Textures, Pads, Rhythmic Elements, Noises, Loops and Pulsing Instruments. SubtleWorld is aimed at Film & Game composers, Underscores, Ambient, IDM, Chillout, Techno, Dub, Sound Design and more.

To speed up the production flow, and for your pleasure and fun, you will enjoy the pre-assigned automations features, which make very easy to “morph on the fly” all sounds. You can mutate each patch from tiny high crackles to big distorted pulsing drones. You don’t need to take your hands off your MIDI keyboard to endlessly perform mutations, just use the Mod Wheel and the pre-assigned four knobs with Low Pass and High Pass filters, Distortion and custom LFOs.

All FXs are in sync with your host (bpm). All sounds in Subtle World are ever-evolving (long samples, hold them) and trasforming instantly with the pre-assigned MIDI controls (you MUST explore them, to fully enjoy Subtle World).

Don’t let the name fool you, SubtleWorld is conceived to obtain “subtle” sounds and pulsing atmospheres, but it can also produce quite big, gritty and distorted sounds.


four MIDI CC and Mod Wheel pre-assigned for endless morphing
original field recordings and textures long samples
58 nki
16 multi (build your own)
754 mb uncompressed, wav/ncw 44.100
24 bit resolution
built in the Photosynthesis Engine
instructions sheet details (please, READ IT to set up the MIDI controls)
for Kontakt 5.5.1 FULL version ONLY (please, do NOT buy if you own the Free Kontakt Player)

Subtle World Pulsing Fields Automations.


Demo Preview:

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