Standalone-Music Rave House XP [GETLOW Expansion]

By | August 27, 2019

Standalone-Music Rave House XP [GETLOW Expansion]

Size 28.6 Mb

RAVE HOUSE XP for our Kontakt Instrument GETLOW it’s a collection of 137 Presets inspired from Rave, House, Dance and Hardcore tracks that shaped the sound of electronic music in the 90s.

We met up with several producers from the 90s, and they were kind enough to let us dig through their Akai MPCs, Alpha Junos and other gears where we found and sampled some of the most characteristics sounds of that era.
Sounds that got lost in time but always had a very particular charm to them, and we are thrilled to bring them back.

This GETLOW expansion is full of Chords, Basses, Leads and a ton more other sounds that were used in tracks by The Prodigy, Arman Van Helden, Orbital, Members of Mayday, Euromaster, The Stunned Guys, and many many more legends from the 90s.

There isn’t a single preset you can’t use, they all sound great in your productions And YES it will work on the free Kontakt player as far as you have GETLOW installed.

It’s funny to say, but we are pretty confident when we say, these sounds from the past will make your music fresher than ever before.

House Presets For Kontakt

Unleash The Power Of GETLOW!

We all love Kontakt libraries, but not only are they too expensive, but they are also never really focused on electronic music specifically.
This is why we spent months crafting the perfect house, tech-house and techno presets for Kontakt and GETLOW, now you can finally use the power of samples for your productions without paying hundreds of dollar and without having to worry about losing any dongle.

All you want to do is make music, but sometimes you spend hours trying to find the right preset and fine tune it and then the inspiration is gone.
We know your struggle which is why we spent months fine-tuning these sounds for you, so when inspiration strikes, you are always ready for it.

Every Standalone-Music presets pack (including this one) is perfect for any DAW no matter what you use.
These sounds are compatible with any DAW including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Studio One, Digital Performer, Pro-Tools, Reason and more.

Our presets and samples are constantly supported by Grammy award winner producers and artists such as Tiesto, Calvin Harris, KSHMR, and many others.
Now your music can finally have the same hi-quality sounds the pros use.

RAVE HOUSE Expansion for GETLOW was developed to be 100% compatible with the new Native Instruments Standards NKS. The instrument interacts flawlessly with all the Kontrol and Maschine devices and software. The NKS compatibility allows for quick presets browsing and for auto mapped parameters to control the key knobs of any preset, right from your external device.

As far as you have GETLOW, this RAVE HOUSE Expansion will work perfectly with both Kontakt 5 and the FREE Kontakt Player

In order to use this soundset you must have GETLOW
At least 4gb RAM (8 Recommended), and 250MB of free drive space


Demo Preview:

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