Starter Guitar Course TUTORIAL

By | December 16, 2022

Starter Guitar Course TUTORIAL

Starter Guitar Course TUTORIAL

Welcome to Starter Guitar Course! This is a complete beginner guitar course that goes in-depth to turn you into a confident guitar player. We’ll start at the very beginning. By the end of this course, you’ll be reading tablature, playing chords all over the fretboard, naming notes on every fret, soloing, playing songs, and using different strum different patterns for each song.

These lessons go in order and build on each other.

If you want to be a guitarist, you’ll need a basic ability to play chords. When you play chords, you’ll need a few different strum patterns to make the chords sound unique. This means you’ll be playing a song or a chord progression. Finally, you’ll want to do some soloing over the song or chords. These are all things that you’ll learn to do in this course.

Many of these lesson videos include PDF attachments. These are the text guitar lessons to use while watching the videos. You can download, save, & print these. Be sure to get all the PDFs.

These lessons will be easy for you to learn. You’ll soon be playing your guitar with confidence and have a clear understanding of how to play & what to practice.

I’m glad you’re here – let’s begin.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to read TAB
  • Name every note on every fret
  • Play all the open chords
  • Play barre chords
  • Play solos
  • Use soloing tricks
  • Jam along with backing tracks
  • Strum using different patterns
  • Basic guitar theory

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