Steinberg FM Lab for HALion

By | February 16, 2023

Steinberg FM Lab for HALion

Steinberg FM Lab for HALion

A new kind of FM experience
In the early 1980s, FM synthesis changed the sound of popular music forever. Now, with FM Lab for HALion, you can design FM sounds with an ultra-modern, intuitive user interface. Featuring classic eight operator FM synthesis with additional VA synthesis, a vast array of modulators, new freehand drawable multi-stage envelopes, pristine effects and a powerful arpeggiator, FM Lab brings a completely new dimension to digital synthesis.

Eight operator FM synthesizer with additional VA synthesis

Intuitive Algorithm designer and finder

Design powerful multistage envelopes

FM-X and DX7 emulation with DX7 and TX81Z SYX file import

Algorithm designer
Freely design your own FM algorithms from the ground up. Each operator can modulate any other operator and itself, allowing for feed forward and backward configurations. Connections are easily established by setting the gain of the junction. Carriers can be panned and all your custom algorithms can be stored as sub-presets.

Find your favorite algorithm
The Algorithm Finder is loaded with all the algorithms from Yamaha’s legendary DX7, TX81Z and modern FM-X synth engine. Browse through the algorithms using the icons or use the number of serial and parallel operators to narrow down the search for the perfect starting point.

Multistage envelopes
The pitch, filter and amp envelopes of FM Lab are completely customizable. You can easily draw envelopes and paint the shapes you want with the pen or brush tools, making the creation of vibrant, tempo-synced rhythmic shapes straightforward. Design your own or combine up to 48 of the most useful shapes as a starting point. The all-new Shaper mode for envelopes cycles through your drawn multistage envelopes, keeping them perfectly synced to the host tempo.

The idea behind FM Lab
The HALion Team wanted to create an environment for FM synthesis which honors the most iconic FM synthesizers, but without being stuck in the past. By combining FM with HALion’s powerful VA synthesis and a modern user interface, FM Lab makes it possible to create anything from classic FM tones to the most contemporary sounds. The result is an outstanding instrument which combines the best of both worlds, while all the time keeping Yamaha’s original philosophy of ‘You don’t have to program to play’ in mind. FM Lab provides hundreds of cutting-edge presets created by FM experts like Peter Krischker, Stephane Garganigo, Allert Aalders, Richard Veenstra and Matthias Klag.

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