Studio Sessions with Ørjan Nilsen Vol.1 TUTORIAL

By | September 2, 2020

Studio Sessions with Ørjan Nilsen Vol.1 TUTORIAL

Studio Sessions with Ørjan Nilsen Vol.1 TUTORIAL

Studio Sessions with Ørjan Nilsen Vol 1

Watch Ørjan Nilsen write a club banger live, unscripted.

Coming off his recent hit collaboration “Flashlight” with Armin Van Burren, Ørjan is commonly asked how he designs his sounds and creates his signature “feel” in his music. In this studio session you will watch him produce the song that you hear in the trailer starting from a basic kickdrum.

Dive headfirst into live production with Ørjan Nilsen and get an exclusive look at his instinctive decision making and writing process. He reveals how he makes big leads and one of his signature electro bass patches from scratch using Sylenth, Spire, and Massive throughout the tutorial.

One of the specific topics this session caters to is mixing with EQ. Gain insight on how he hones in on specific frequencies to pick the most favourable aspect of each sound.

By observing him produce live and unscripted, you’ll see why he makes the decisions he does. You can apply this knowledge and producer mentality to your own production workflow. One of the special qualities about Ørjan as a producer is that he is a true musician at heart. Examine how he puts together his melodies and chords, playing everything live and methodically adjusting all of the midi.

Follow along as he provides in depth education on FX Processing, songwriting/arrangement, drum sequencing, transient shaping and reverb tricks that you easily can implement into your own projects.

You don’t need expensive gear.

Ørjan shows us what really makes him tick; simplicity. Increase your ability to write music quickly, by learning the importance of sound selection. He uses commonly used samples and synths to create a truly unique track. Listen for the certain qualities that he listens for when randomly clicking through samples. He then demonstrates how to tweak an ordinary sample into something extraordinary. The pros are using the sample tools as everyone else; it’s all in what you do with them.
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What you will learn:

  1. Lead synth stacking

  2. Lead synth creation and selection

  3. Signature drop lead bass creation

  4. Composing/arranging a full song (Intro, breakdown, build up, drop, fills and interest elements)

  5. Chord, melody and bass writing

  6. Drum Pattern Sequencing

  7. Reverb design to create space and size in your mix

  8. Use of distortion on sub bass

  9. EQ

  10. The art of sample selection: find out what Ørjan listens for.

  11. Levelling – the most fundamental and natural approach to mixing. Listen and watch Ørjan feel out the mix through the faders as he writes.

Host DAW: Cubase 8.5 Pro

3rd party plugins used: Ni Massive, Sylenth, Vengeance Metrum, Ozone 5 reverb, ozone 5 stereo imager, Dada life sausage fattener, Waves H- Delay

The heart of this tutorial is not about having the exact same tools, it is about how he puts ideas together and makes it work. These techniques apply to using similar tools in your DAW and plugin set.

Total run time 4 hours 2 minutes 39 sec.

Tutorial by Ørjan Nilsen.


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