Sunday Supply Americana WAV

By | February 20, 2023

Sunday Supply Americana WAV

Sunday Supply Americana WAV

Grab your cowboy boots, pile the family into the pickup truck, and drive out into the great plains and beautiful vistas of the American countryside. Americana music is deeply rooted in storytelling and symbolism that reminds us of a past era of American nostalgia. The classic acoustic melodies and vivid lyrics can transport you back to a time where the American experiment was being tested and the spirit of freedom shined brightest.

As the tale of America continues to be written by evolving and modernizing, new artists are taking pieces of the past and adding on, making it their own, and telling a new American story of inclusivity and a blending of diverse influences.

Americana is an amalgam sample pack filled with American music traditions of the United States, such as folk, blues, country, bluegrass and Appalachian. Inspired by artists from the past and present like Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffin, Chris Stapleton, and Kacey Musgraves, this sample pack interweaves a melodic marriage of mandolin, slide guitar, violin, and soulful piano with a thumping backbone of acoustic drums. Written by renowned country and folk producer and composer Carl Thompson, this pack is emotional, gritty, rough and beautiful – a complicated personification of America. So follow the sunset west to take a sonic road trip through the musical past of America and use these sounds to write your own story.

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