Synthesizer 101 Complete Sound Design Course With Any Synth [TUTORIAL]

By | January 11, 2023

Synthesizer 101 Complete Sound Design Course With Any Synth [TUTORIAL]

Synthesizer 101 Complete Sound Design Course With Any Synth [TUTORIAL]

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Synthesis. Use any synth such as Serum,Massive, Arturia, Sylenth with these basal principles

What you’ll learn:

  • Fundamentals of Synthesizers
  • Sound Design
  • Use Any Synthesizer Easily
  • Basics of Wavetable
  • Types of Synths

No Requirements or Prerequisites

Update 9/2021 – Added new information and upgraded the overall course quality.Welcome to the Synthesizer course. In this course, you’ll learn how to use synthesizers in and out.Learn to use any synth with the basal principles I’m covering in these video lessons.I have used beginner-friendly language to explain the complex terms and techniques pertaining to synthesizers. I know how difficult it is trying to figure out sound design on your own. So, in this course, I have put myself in a beginners shoes, to be sure that you understand the concepts with ease.No need to waste countless hours doing all the heavy lifting. I have you covered.My name is Vishal. I have been producing music for 3 years and I will teach you everything I’ve learned about synthesis over these years.At the end of this course, you’ll be able to design sounds using any synth of your choice.I’m not teaching you a particular synth in this course. What we’re gonna cover is something far more valuable. This course will help you build the foundation that will help you understand and use all synthesizers easily, within minutes. I will teach you all the concepts of synthesis and then we will design a sound from scratch together. Later, I have also put together a practice assignment to consolidate your learning.This course is perfect for you if you are a beginner to synthesis and don’t know where to get started or you find using synthesizers overwhelming.You can check out the free preview and I hope to see you there.


Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1 Introduction
  • Lecture 2 Course Structure

Section 2: A Little About Synthesizers

  • Lecture 3 Synths : What You Need to Know
  • Lecture 4 Types
  • Lecture 5 Terminologies You Need to Be Aware Of

Section 3: The Fundamentals of Synthesizers

  • Lecture 6 An Overview
  • Lecture 7 Fundamental Control #1
  • Lecture 8 A Visual Representation
  • Lecture 9 Fundamental Control #2
  • Lecture 10 Fundamental Control #3
  • Lecture 11 Demonstration
  • Lecture 12 Fundamental Control #4
  • Lecture 13 Fundamental Control #5

Section 4: Sound Design From Scratch

  • Lecture 14 Sound Design #1
  • Lecture 15 An Overview
  • Lecture 16 Sound Design #2
  • Lecture 17 Sound Design #3
  • Lecture 18 Sound Design #4
  • Lecture 19 Sound Design #5

Section 5: Assignment

  • Section 6: Advanced Terms and Techniques
  • Lecture 20 A Confusing Term that We’ve Covered Already
  • Lecture 21 A Popular Type of Synthesis Used in Modern Music Production
  • Section 7: Conclusion
  • Lecture 22 Conclusion

Beginners to sound design and synthesis

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