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Aurora DSP RottenPoolVerb v1.0.0 [WIN]

By | March 15, 2023

Aurora DSP RottenPoolVerb v1.0.0 [WIN] The most beautiful yet disturbingly dirty sounding reverb ever! Time to get filthy! When Producer Kristian Kohle found this huge abandoned swimming pool he just had to capture it’s unique sound! This pool had been rotting for years already when Kristian entered this lost place armed with his favorite microphones to capture the… Read More »

Aurora DSP Gorilla Bass Studio Suite v1.0.0 [WIN]

By | November 15, 2022

Aurora DSP Gorilla Bass Studio Suite v1.0.0 [WIN] Harambe says, “Welcome to the jungle, baby!” What’s Inside? Different monsters for different genres: the Gorilla plugin includes 3 preamps and the simulation of 3 studio standard bass amps. Preamps The green one is the most versatile and can deliver a clean, warm sound, while the drive button delivers a… Read More »