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Zenhiser Booms & Breakdown FX WAV

By | June 22, 2022

Zenhiser Booms & Breakdown FX WAV When it comes to breakdown fx, transitions, drops and heavenly booms we’ve got you covered. Comprising of 50 brand new 24 bit stereo wav files per pack this collection supplies a huge aray of breakdowns and booms that once dropped into your mix will ensure instant gratification. It takes time to construct… Read More »

Industrial Strength Chemical Hip Hop WAV

By | May 31, 2022

Industrial Strength Chemical Hip Hop WAV ‘Chemical Hip Hop’ by Industrial Strength is a forward-thinking Hip Hop sample collection for the bold and furious. If you’re into Industrial, Electronica, Lounge, Dirty Hop Hop, Trip Hop or just dark ‘n’ deep slow jams, this pack will fire up loads of inspiration. ‘Chemical Hip Hop’ consists of 31 Loop Kits… Read More »

Industrial Strength Crush WAV

By | April 30, 2022

Industrial Strength Crush WAV ‘Crush’ by Industrial Strength is a heavy-duty FX collection from the creator of the Impact. This insane new collection offers up loads of sounds to crush into your next production. Crush has loads of 24-Bit audio files to use and abuse. This Cinematic FX pack contains plenty of bite and edge. Crush is tempo… Read More »

Ultimate Future Bass Bangers WAV

By | April 5, 2022

Ultimate Future Bass Bangers WAV Ultimate Future Bass Bangers is a must have grab for banging out those heavy and bass driven Future productions! Delivering nearly 2 gigs of gigantic drops, stylish FX, melodic synths and ultra cutting edge drums. Totaling 821 samples; you have endless supply of innovation at your finger tips! We have done it once… Read More »

SFXtools Wood SFX Library WAV

By | March 24, 2022

SFXtools Wood SFX Library WAV The “Wood” SFX library featuring 78 sounds captured from variety of wooden sources from bamboo, batten, beam, plank, slat, stack and timber and all contains different type of recordings such as fall, drift, drops, impacts, wiggles and movement. All these are captured in different microphone perspectives and different size of content large, medium… Read More »

SFXTools Water WAV

By | March 7, 2022

SFXTools Water WAV The “Water” SFX library features 70 water sounds contains different type of high quality recordings such as bubbles, drops, flows, pouring, splashes, laps, motions and hydrophones all these are captured from variety of sources from faucets to toilets, showers to sink, aquarium air-stone to bottle etc… The library is perfectly suited to post production, game… Read More »

FL191 Metalstep Sample Pack WAV

By | February 28, 2022

FL191 Metalstep Sample Pack WAV ‘Metalstep’ is a sample pack loaded with hard hitting, aggressive Heavy Metal guitars and Dubstep beats! This heavyweight sample pack includes all the ingredients that make a proper banger; from punchy drums to distorted guitar loops, heavy drum fills, wobbly bass-lines, crispy guitar riffs, brutal vox and screams, furious Dubstep melodies, weird glitches,… Read More »

Zenhiser Big EDM Stems 2 WAV

By | February 8, 2022

Zenhiser Big EDM Stems 2 WAV Step inside the second instalment of extraordinary EDM stems and you’ll find a complex array of bass pounding beats, speaker crunching synths and brain pulsating basslines. These multi track stems deliver a stack full of EDM options with practically no limitations. We’re delivering sample possibilities here you haven’t even dreamed of and… Read More »

SFXtools Destruction Dust & Dirt WAV

By | February 2, 2022

SFXtools Destruction Dust & Dirt WAV We are delighted to present the third installment of our Destruction Series. “Destruction – Dust & Dirt’ features 52 designed sounds created by using various organic materials like dust, dirt, sand, pebble and gravel in different states like pour, trickles, drops, falls, movements and wiggles. A good collection to add some dirty… Read More »

Cinetools Unsane – Psychologically Disturbing Cinematic Sound LibraryWAV

By | December 15, 2021

Cinetools Unsane WAV ‘Unsane’ by Cinetools provides you with a Cinematic sound library for creating soundtracks for psychologically disturbing thrillers. This is an intense collection of horrific and mind-twisting Cinematic sound effects created by acclaimed sound designer Utku S. This library features 1344 sound effects, covering a wide range of components, blended with suspense and horror themes and… Read More »

Field & Foley – Rise & Fall Essentials WAV

By | December 2, 2021

Field & Foley – Rise & Fall Essentials WAV Risers and Drops are essential for any production from cinematic to modern music. JJ Farris and John Harvey of Reel Music have been creating unique, cutting edge sound effects for countless Hollywood trailers, such as Top Gun, Tenet, Monster Hunter, Midway, Terminator-Dark Fate, Ad Astra as well ad TV… Read More »

Noxious Trap – Trap Samples, Stems, Loops & Midi

By | January 5, 2021

Noxious Trap – 4.9GB Of Trap Samples, Stems, Loops & Midi Noxious Trap is an all gun’s blazing sample pack that delivers a devastating punch of Trap samples, loops, stems, midi, vocals, one shots, beats and drum sounds. As the name suggests this powerful sample library guarantees to raise havoc and set dance floors alight worldwide. This collection… Read More »

Future Bass Stems – 10 Song Starters For Future Bass (WAV MIDI)

By | January 4, 2021

Future Bass Stems – 10 Song Starters For Future Bass (WAV MIDI) We are proud to present a positively elegant Future Bass stem pack for the masses. Summer soaked melodies glide through an ecliptic journey of warm, seductive sounds paralleled to none. Focusing on smoking grooves combined with exquisite programming this luxurious sample library provides racks of sonic… Read More »

Next Level Trap Stems WAV MIDI

By | January 4, 2021

Next Level Trap Stems WAV MIDI We are back with an immense collection of Trap stems that will make your musical mind boggle. This sensational pack contains an astounding batch of eclectic Trap sounds designed to bend your thoughts of Trap reality. Containing a melting pot of fresh programming ideas this sample library is guaranteed to get your… Read More »