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Five & Xynothing APERTURE (Multi Kit)

By | April 24, 2022

Five & Xynothing APERTURE (Multi Kit) APERTURE is a deep dive into the mechanical collection of sounds that five and xynothing have been known for incorporating into their compositions over the last year. This latest release from Loophole Sounds includes 100+ synth and bass one shots, as well as textures, percussion loops and vocal loops. It also includes… Read More »

New Loops Atmospheric Techno Sound Pack WAV

By | April 11, 2022

New Loops Atmospheric Techno Sound Pack WAV New Loops presents Atmospheric Techno — a new techno sound pack featuring a collection of 270 sounds for ambient, dub, and atmospheric techno. You’ll find 106 audio loops including, techno drum loops, bass loops, and synth loops. 124 techno one-shots including, drums, kicks, synths, bass, sound effects, and more. We’ve also… Read More »

ModeAudio Static – Noise Texture Samples WAV

By | January 15, 2022

ModeAudio Static – Noise Texture Samples WAV Try to hold your ground as a blizzard of snowy sound whips and whirls all around you, obscuring buildings and blocking out the sky. Welcome to the frenetic cacophony of our latest sound pack release, the swirling Static – Noise Texture Samples! This 1.43GB, royalty-free colossus of scattering, elemental sound brings… Read More »