TAINY Beatmaking & Music Production TUTORIAL

By | December 19, 2022

TAINY Beatmaking & Music Production TUTORIAL

TAINY Beatmaking & Music Production TUTORIAL

Learn to produce beats and songs with one of the industry’s most in-demand producers. In this 4-week online class, Tainy will share his complete process for creating tracks across reggaeton, trap, dance, and other genres. Put his techniques into practice and finish the class with 4 original beats in different styles.

What you’ll learn Learn to produce across Tainy’s signature styles

Reggaeton Production Techniques

  • Finding inspiration & starting tracks
  • Signature reggaeton drums patterns
  • Tainy’s go-to reggaeton sounds and samples
  • Mixing & mastering beats
  • Producing a song with a vocal end-to-end
  • Reverb, delay, and other FX

Trap Beats, Basslines, and 808s

  • The 4 key elements of a trap beat
  • 808s and producing trap bass-lines
  • Trap rhythms & drum production
  • Selecting the right kick, snare, and hi-hat
  • Drum embellishments and layering
  • Creating variation in your instrument sounds

Dance, Uptempo, & Club Beats

  • Vocal chop melodies
  • Creating dynamics with fills and sweeps
  • Producing a build-up and drop
  • Dancehall drum patterns
  • Sidechain, filtering, and dynamics
  • Automations & advanced effects

What you’ll do Apply what you learn, and create 4 beats in 4 weeks

  • Project 1: Finding Inspiration & Starting a Beat
    Learn how Tainy starts a beat by selecting the right sound and then lays down the essential elements of a reggaeton beat.
  • Project 2: Produce a Reggaeton Beat
    Watch Tainy expand his beat into a fully arranged track that he can take to an artist, and follow along to finish your beat.
  • Project 3: Trap Production & 808s
    Follow along with Tainy to create the essential elements of a trap beat, including drum patterns, 808s, and more.
  • Project 4: Finish Producing Your Trap Beat
    Tainy expands his trap-inspired idea into a finished track. Follow along to finish your second beat of the class.
  • Project 5: Dance Beats & Vocal Chops
    Tainy shows you a third style of beat, this time a dance or uptempo track that incorporates vocal chops.
  • Project 6: Produce Your Dance Beat
    Continue expanding and polishing your dance beat until you have finished your third beat of the class.
  • Project 7: Producing with a Vocal Demo
    In this part of the class, instead of creating an instrumental beat, you’ll start a track from a vocal demo written by an artist.
  • Project 8: Produce a Full Song with a Vocal
    Continue adding sounds, expanding, and polishing your track until you have a release-ready song with a lead vocal.

How it works Get the flexibility of an online class, with the accountability of a cohort

  1. LEARN Watch exclusive video lessons
    Access the pre-recorded video lessons any time and watch them around your owsn schedule. See the full creative process in depth and from start to finish.
  2. CREATE Practice with projects
    Put what you learn into practice with hands-on projects. Work towards shared deadlines with your classmates, but choose when to do the work throughout your week, on your own schedule.
  3. SHARE Learn with a peer group
    Share your work, give feedback, and connect with others who share your passion. You’ll take the class with an intimate peer group of ~25 others, who will help you stay accountable and inspired.

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