Taro Global Elements 3 WAV

By | February 18, 2022

Taro Global Elements 3 WAV

Taro Global Elements 3 WAV

Global Elements VOL. 3 is a collection of Javanese Gamelan and Kacapi one-shots and loops. This library contains 27 loops and 53 one-shots to add some ethnic flavour to your music. Kecapi is a Javanese Zither found in the west of Java, Indonesia and is tuned and original pitched. Gamelan are gong ensembles throughout South-East Asia, but is mainly found in Indonesia. This collection is focussed on both the melodic and rhythmic elements that this music has to offer to help you achieve organic sounding productions.

78 Sounds

A journey into music and technology. Inspired by travelling, culture and sound system music, Taro creates an sonic world where he takes you along on his journey’s around different cultures emphasizing the beauty of collaboration, shaping mystical worlds with hypnotizing atmospheres to immerse into stories based on ancient myths, legends and folklore. This driven by a foundation of rhythms derived from underground bass music. Taro has a background in music technology and finds inspiration in different cultures across the globe. Taro’s work reflects on a journey into sound and culture through sampling. Collecting samples and collaborating with people from different countries and cultures for over a decade Taro has created an unique collection of sounds. Projects like “DigiGam” (Digital Gamelan) emphasizes on a collective knowledge to create sound and an instrument that extend the possibilities for music and technology.


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